ODR Special Track

ODR TRACK 2021: How to educate about e-justice/ODR


29 November 2021 4pm CET (Prague, Czechia) -  9pm CET (Prague, Czechia) – held online

Current best practices of e-justice/ODR trainings for judges, panelists, mediators, adjudicators, court managers and students.

Co-Chairs: Alberto Elisavetsky, Pavel Loutocky, Zbynek Loebl


Free Attendance; Link to the ODR Track sessions will be published here few days before the event


Preliminary programme:

How to educate about e-justice/ODR ethics? (Leah Wing, Amy Schmitz)

How to train judiciary about internet and online communication skills? (Alberto Elisavetsky)

How to train judges and court officers of a new New York online court in e-justice/ODR? (David Larson)

How to train adjudicators of Canada’s CRT in e-justice/ODR? (Richard Rogers)

How to educate court managers in e-justice/ODR? (Colin Rule)

How to train about e-justice/ODR across borders? (Anna Goncalves, Daniel Rainey)

How to train mediators about e-justice/ODR? (Graham Ross)

Short (5 minutes) presentations about e-justice/ODR training programmes and apps available for purchase/sharing/localization by third parties.


About presenters:

Leah Wing:

Dr. Leah Wing is Co-director of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR) and is Senior Lecturer II in the Legal Studies Program, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA. She is Vice President of the board of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution, heads the NCTDR Ethical Principles for Online Dispute Resolution initiative and serves on the American Bar Association Technology Committee and Online Dispute Resolution Taskforce. Leah served as a researcher on early experiments in online dispute resolution and her present research focuses on ethics and ODR. Leah serves on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Online Dispute and Conflict Resolution Quarterly, and served two terms on the Association of Conflict Resolution Board of Directors.

Amy Schmitz:

Professor Amy J. Schmitz joined the University of Missouri School of Law and the Center for Dispute Resolution as the Elwood L. Thomas Missouri Endowed Professor of Law in 2016. Previously she was a Professor at the University of Colorado School of Law for over 16 years. Prior to teaching, Professor Schmitz practiced law with large law firms in Seattle and Minneapolis, and served as a law clerk for the U. S. Court of Appeals for the 8th Circuit.

Professor Schmitz teaches courses in Contracts, Lawyering and Problem-Solving, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), AI, Data Analytics and the Law, Arbitration, International Arbitration, and Consumer Law. She has been heavily involved in ODR teaching and research for a long time and is a Fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, as well as the Co-Chair of the ABA Technology Committee of the Dispute Resolution Section and the ODR Task Force.  Professor Schmitz has published over 85 interviews as host of The Arbitration Conversation, and is a co-author with Stipanowich, Golan, Folberg, and Reynolds of the leading casebook, RESOLVING DISPUTES: THEORY, PRACTICE AND LAW (Forthcoming Aspen 2021). Recent speaking engagements include various webinars and events around ODR with the American Bar Association, Yale/Quinnipiac Speaker Series, ODR Forums in New Zealand, Paris and the U.S., Universities in Munich and Augsburg, Germany, Cyberjustice Lab in Montreal, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, D.C.; Cyberspace Conference, University of Leicester in England; Stanford Law School; and many other universities and conferences throughout the world. She serves on the Association of American Law Schools Executive Committee on Commercial and Consumer Law, was an External Scientific Fellow of the Max Planck Institute Luxembourg, and is a researcher with the ACT Project exploring AI and ODR at the Cyberjustice Lab. She also has taught in France, South Africa, and Oxford, England, and has been an expert and liaison for the United Nations working group seeking to create a global ODR mechanism (UNCITRAL WG III). Professor Schmitz has published over 50 articles in law journals and books, and a book, The New Handshake: Online Dispute Resolution and the Future of Consumer Protection, with Colin Rule.

Alberto Elisavetsky:

Dr. Alberto Elisavetsky is Director of the Observatory of Conflict and the Postgraduate Course in Cybermediation of the Universidad Nacional De Tres De Febrero, Argentina. He is well known as Founder and President of ODR Latinoamerica (www.odrlatinoamerica.com), a Social Network that articulates New Technologies with Conflict Resolution, and that operates as Training Entity N°66 certified by the Directorate of Mediation dnd Participatory Conflict Resolution Methods of the Ministry of Justice, Argentina. He is Fellow of  the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution (NCTDR), U. of Massachusetts-Amherst, USA, and Member of the Board of Directors of ICODR (https://icodr.org/). Alberto also teaches Introduction to Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, System Design for Conflict Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution for Different Universities and Tribunals of America and Europe. Since 2020 he is the Chief Editor Of “Online Dispute Resolution Latin America Journal”, a specialized Digital Magazine in Spanish.

David Larson:

David Allen Larson is a Professor of Law at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law and Senior Fellow at the Dispute Resolution Institute. He is Chair of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, Co-Chair of the ABA ODR Standards Task Force, and he was a member of the ABA E-Commerce and ADR Task Force.  David has been involved with online dispute resolution (ODR) since 1999, and he is the System Designer helping create an ODR platform for the New York State Unified Court System.  David is the John H. Faricy Jr. Chair for Empirical Studies, and he is a Fellow in both the American Bar Foundation and the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution. He has 60 legal publications and has made 180 professional presentations in ten different countries.  David has been a tenured professor at four different universities; an attorney at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Office of General Counsel, Appellate Division; and he practiced with a litigation law firm in Minneapolis. His articles are at http://ssrn.com/author=709717 and his profile is at http://mitchellhamline.edu/biographies/person/david-larson/

Richard Rogers:

Richard Rogers is the Executive Director and Registrar of British Columbia’s Civil Resolution Tribunal, which provides online dispute resolution services to British Columbians for a variety of dispute types. Richard joined the CRT in 2015, before the tribunal began operations and, before that, he was also part of the project team that designed, developed and implemented the tribunal. Richard has a background in law, but has expertise in operational management, policy development and financial analysis, through more than 30 years of working in the public sector. 

Colin Rule:

Colin Rule is CEO of Mediate.com and Arbitrate.com.  In 2011 Colin co-founded Modria.com, an Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) provider based in Silicon Valley, which was acquired by Tyler Technologies in 2017.  From 2017 to 2020 Colin served as Vice President of ODR at Tyler.  From 2003 to 2011 Colin was Director of ODR for eBay and PayPal. Colin is the author of Online Dispute Resolution for Business and co-author of The New Handshake: ODR and the Future of Consumer Protection. He is currently Co-Chair of the Advisory Board of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at UMass-Amherst and a Fellow at the Gould Center for Conflict Resolution at Stanford Law School.

Ana Goncalves:

Ana Maria Maia Gonçalves has over 35 years of experience  in learning, practicing, and teaching mediation worldwide, and mediate in cross-border disputes in Europe, Australia, and the United States. She is the founder and president of ICFML, the main independent body of professional standards for mediation in Brazil, Portugal and all Portuguese-speaking countries.  She has focused her practice in recent years on the impact of online technology on the skills of ADR mediators and facilitators.

Daniel Rainey:

Daniel Rainey is the former Chief of Staff for the United States National Mediation Board.  Currently, he is a principal in Holistic Solutions, Inc., a Fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution, a Founding Board Member of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution, and a member of the Virginia Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission, Self-Represented Litigants Committee.  He teaches for a variety of law schools and graduate dispute resolution programs, and conducts online dispute resolution training in the US, Latin America, Australia, Europe, and Africa.

Graham Ross:

Graham Ross is a UK lawyer/mediator who has been at the forefront of developments in ODR since the last century. Graham runs a distance training course on ODR (www.ODRtraining.com),  is a member of the UK Civil Justice Council's ODR Advisory Group, a Board Member of the International Council for Online Dispute Resolution and a Fellow of the National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at The University  of Massachusetts. Graham has conducted ODR trials for PayPal, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service, the Law Council of Australia and been advisor on ODR to court services in the UK , Canada, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Ukraine and to the Council of Europe.. He is about to launch a one-stop entry point  for all forms of ODR technology called www.SeeYouOutOfCourt.com